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But Hold On - The Option to Transfer Miles has Some Drawbacks!

Expiration Date – July 13, 2015

United Airlines is offering a 25% discount to transfer miles to another United MileagePlus member until midnight CT on July 13, 2015. But even with a sale, transferring miles to another MileagePlus member usually doesn’t make good financial sense! 

Be aware of these three cost aspects when transferring miles:

  1. The price of each mile

  2. The overall transaction fee

  3. The value of the miles you intend to transfer

The price to transfer a mile with a 25% discount is 1.13 cents per mile plus a transaction fee that is set at $30 regardless of the number of miles you transfer.

So if you transfer miles, the cost will range between 1.37 cents per mile for a big batch of 25,000 miles and a whopping 7.25 cents per mile for a smaller transfer amount of 500 miles. And, because you’re simply transferring existing miles instead of buying new ones, you have to factor in the value of the transferred miles that you’re giving up (which we value at 1.50 cents per mile). This makes it a very expensive transaction at any purchase level!

Want to look a bit deeper into the option to purchase, gift or share miles with or without a bonus offer and the opportunity to acquire miles using the United MileagePlus Award Accelerator when purchasing a flight? See our great tip: United - Pros & Cons of Buying and Gifting Miles.

The Wrap-Up:

You may have good reasons to transfer miles to a friend or family member. Just remember that you are always better off using your MileagePlus miles to book an award ticket for a friend or family member instead of transferring miles. It’s simply too expensive – even when they are on sale!

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