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National Car Rental - Maximize Your Free Days

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Tips to Score a Valuable and Free One-Way Rental!

November 2017

Experiment with National Car Rental free days to potentially save lots of money!

A trvlvip Member wanted to get from New York City to Western Massachusetts for a long weekend during the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of picking up the car at Newark Airport our Member chose a Manhattan branch since he wanted to avoid paying an extra day for the car and incurring NYC parking charges, which combined were a lot more than taking a cab or car service into the city. Whether he picked the car up at the airport or at the National branch in midtown Manhattan, to drop that car off at Boston's Logan airport was prohibitively expensive - over $250 each day. But our National Executive Member remembered our advice to always utilize free days when you can for one-way trips.

Our Member was able to apply three free days he had accrued to his one-way reservation and save over $750! In fact, his tab for the entire trip was just $10, total, all-in!

We and our Members have used National Car Rental free day certificates for many one-way rentals and have had to pay less than $10 in taxes and fees. Interestingly, the terms and conditions state that earned free days cannot be used for one-way rentals, but we have never had a problem using them this way and have done it many times. This experience may not occur for everyone, so we suggest you book the free one-way reservation online and carefully review the total expected charges before you confirm to determine if you qualify for a one-way rental with a free day credit. This trvlvip Tip has provided us with great value often exceeding $100 per day!

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