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Convert Your Hyatt Gold Passport Points Into American Airlines Miles With a Bonus. But Should You?

Expiration Date – October 14, 2016

By: Liza Weeks

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Through October 14, 2016, Hyatt Gold Passport members have the opportunity to convert their Gold Passport points to American Airline AAdvantage miles. And they will throw in 25% more miles.

A minimum 5,000 points are required for each transfer and you can increase the amount in 1,250-point increments. Convert 50,000 points and you will receive a bonus 5,000 miles on top of the additional 25%.

Ok, but is this conversation a good deal? Not really.

At trvlvip we value Hyatt Gold Passport points at 1.8 cents each and AAdvantage miles at 2 cents per mile.

And ​this is why it isn’t a good value to convert your Hyatt points to American Airlines miles - based on the conversion chart below - even in the scenario where you enjoy a 5,000 mile bonus on your conversion, you’d need to convert​ ​50,000​ ​Hyatt​ ​points​​ ​worth​ ​$900 at 1.8 cents per point to​ ​31,250​ ​American​ ​miles ​worth only​ ​$625.

The Wrap-Up:

At trvlvip we alert you to many promotions that are a great value for you and warn you about others that on the surface appear lucrative when in reality would cause you lose precious value. This is one of those promotions you are better off passing on.

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