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Introduction Image for: HYATT - 40% BONUS TO BUY POINTS

Buy a Big Bunch of Hyatt Gold Passport Points before May 31st and Enjoy a Big 40% Bonus!

Expiration Date – May 31, 2015

It’s a good time to buy Hyatt Gold Passport rewards points! Until May 31, 2015, Hyatt is offering a 40% bonus on the purchase of 10,000 or more Gold Passport points, which equates to a cost of 1.7 cents per point. The normal price without a bonus is 2.4 cents per point - so it’s quite a good value!

Within each calendar year Hyatt members can buy or give a maximum of 55,000 Gold Passport points. This 40% bonus offer only applies to buying points for your own account and does not apply to the purchase of points you intend to give to another member.

Have you ever wondered whether it is a good idea to buy or give Gold Passport points - even with a bonus offer?

It only makes good economic sense to purchase Gold Passport points if you plan to redeem those points for a hotel stay where the cash value per point required is more than the price you pay to buy the points.

We've got a great Tip that will walk you through the scenarios so you can make an informed decision: Pros & Cons of Buying and Giving Gold Passport Points

If a purchase during this bonus makes good financial sense based on the award stay you've found, enjoy your fabulous trip and leave us a nice note on Facebook and Twitter!