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Introduction Image for: HILTON’S GLOBAL 3X POINTS PROMO

Extended! Hilton Members Enjoy Double Points and a Discount Through January 31! And if You Book Through the Mobile App You’ll Enjoy Triple!

Expiration Date – January 31, 2017

By: Liza Weeks

We greatly appreciate when you click on any of our hotel links or ads and book a stay directly on Hilton's website!

Hilton’s HHonors program is free to join and offers many great benefits including bonus points toward free stays, discounted rates, free Wi-Fi and digital check-in.

And if you are a HHonors member and register today or sign up to become an HHonors member now, you'll enjoy double points for your stays through January 31, 2017, at all Hilton properties except those in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

And the newest addition to this promotion will reward you with triple points if you book your stay using the Hilton HHonors mobile app!

This promotion was suppose to expire at year-end and although the website didn't show the extension as of December 6, the extension of this promo through January 31, 2017, has been announced publicly!

This a great offer because it is free to join and Hilton has not put a limit on the amount of points you can earn through this promotion.

But hold on, more bonuses are hidden in the fine print! It pays to book direct with Hilton! Hilton HHonors members enjoy the very best rates when booking directly with Hilton!

All HHonoros members who book within 14 days of their stay will receive 2% off that hotel’s best available rate all days of the week. And HHonors members who book 15 days or more prior to their stay will receive 3% off that hotel’s best available rate for stays Sunday through Thursday, and 10% off the best available rate for weekend stays.

If booking by phone within 14 days of your stay, be sure to use discount codes HPPRP1 or H1P. If booking 15 or more before your stay, use discount codes HPPRP2 or HP2. If logged into you HHonors account, these discounts will automatically be added when you book online.

The HHonors discount is only available for up to two rooms per member and cannot be combined with other select promotions and discounts.

The Wrap-Up:

This one’s easy, it’s free to sign up and if you are planning a stay with Hilton before the end of 2016, you will get a discount and double the points! Nothing to lose, only points to gain and money to save!

And if you haven’t already, sign up for FREE travel updates so you never miss an important trvlvip Perk or Tip about Hilton HHonors!

We greatly appreciate when you click on any of our links or ads and book a stay directly on the travel partner's website! We have the potential to receive compensation, which allows us to provide our helpful travel updates and advice to you FREE of charge! For more information see our Advertising Policy. Many thanks!