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Introduction Image for: HILTON'S 100% POINTS BONUS

Enjoy a 100% Bonus on Hilton HHonors Points Before October 21, 2016! It’s Hilton’s BIGGEST Bonus of the Year!

Expiration Date – October 21, 2016

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Until October 21, 2016, Hilton is offering a 100% bonus on the purchase of 20,000+ HHonors points and an 80% bonus on the purchase of 1,000 to 19,000 points. Does it make sense to buy or gift Hilton HHonors rewards points during Hilton’s BIGGEST points sale of the year?

You can purchase up to 80,000 HHonors points annually before any bonuses.

With this 100% bonus, the cost per point equates to 0.50 cents and an 80% bonus allows you to purchase for 0,55 cents per point. The normal price to buy or gift points without a bonus is 1.0 cent per point - so it’s a good value!

As you know from prior trvlvip Perks and Tips, we believe the value of a HHonors point is 0.50 cents per point, which is the value we would be willing to pay for HHonors points if we could buy them for cash. It is also the minimum value we feel you should expect before redeeming your points.

So you are essentially buying points during this sale for what we believe they are worth!

Does a purchase make sense?

Maybe – we don’t suggest buying points speculatively, but rather advise you to purchase only with a specific award stay in mind.

Here is a quick calculation to help you decide:

  1. Find an award stay.

  2. Determine the full price of that stay if you were to pay cash including all taxes and fees.

  3. Divide that amount by the number of HHonors points required for the award stay (for Points & Money award stays, subtract the cash outlay for the stay from the total in #2 before dividing by the points required).

  4. If the value per point exceeds 0.50 cents per point you’ve found a good deal and, if not, we don’t suggest you buy the points.

The Wrap-Up:

It rarely makes sense to buy points until you’ve chosen a location, picked your dates and have taken the steps to ensure award availability. Make the small effort to crunch the numbers to ensure the point purchase makes good economic sense - you will be very happy you did!

This is Hilton’s best bonus of the year, so if you find a stay where the value you will enjoy is over 0.50 cents per point, it’s a great time to buy!

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