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Hertz Takes the Pain out of Parking

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Let’s explore how renting from Hertz and parking for free can work for you!

June 2015

If you’ve ever had to find and then pay for parking in any major city, particularly an unfamiliar city, you know the pain and expense involved. What if you rented a car from Hertz and could park for free? Yes please!

According to this June 7, 2015, USA Today article, Hertz offers reciprocal parking to all of its customers. Hertz spokeswoman, Beth Davis, confirmed complimentary parking is offered at ALL Hertz locations! Ms. Davis is the Manager of Public Affairs at Hertz and is listed as a media contact on the Hertz website. To be safe, we suggest you call the Hertz location you are interested in to inquire if a parking space will be available for your dates of travel.

This little-known, valuable benefit could be a reason to choose Hertz over other car rental companies, especially in a city where parking is expensive or difficult to find!

And another quick Tip - When renting from a company other than Hertz or driving your own car, reduce frustration and save time with a service like  Parking Panda, which allows you to find, reserve, and pay for parking before you arrive at thousands of US location in over 40 cities with savings up to 70%. Enjoy a $5 credit to try the service! And Parkopedia shows parking space availability across 6,000 communities in 52 countries!

If you are able to park for free with Hertz, or Parking Panda saves you time and money, raise that drink (bought with the money you didn’t spend on parking), and toast us a nice note on Facebook and Twitter!