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Hertz Gold Plus – The Rewards

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Great Tips to Maximize Your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and to Determine When It's Best to Choose a Partner Bonus Offer!

February 2016

Come on in to review the highlights of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program and learn when it makes sense to choose Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points toward free rental days or to participate in a hotel or airline partner bonus!

Who likes to wait in line at the rental car counter? We sure don’t! So, we always suggest you join the car rental loyalty programs! Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is a great choice. It’s free to join and membership allows you to skip the counter at most locations in addition to other great conveniences!

Here are some of the benefits of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards:

  • Earn 1 reward point for each qualifying US dollar spent on rental charges and optional services like Hertz NeverLost, fuel purchase, SiriusXM, insurance coverage options, additional mileage charges, car seats and more (you will not earn points on taxes and fees)

  • A free weekend day with Hertz starts at 550 points - click here to see the number of points required for different types of Hertz rentals

  • Rewards points do not expire as long as you have activity every 24 months

  • Transfer points as many times as you want to your spouse or domestic partner

Hertz provides Gold Plus discounts for all members and additional Elite benefits with their Five Star and President’s Circle status including upgrades and enough Hertz Gold Plus Rewards bonus points for free rental days.

Five Star Status is awarded after seven rentals and $1,500 in spending with Hertz and President's Circle is awarded after 20 rentals and 4,000 in spending with Hertz. And if you are Elite with United Airlines, you have a fast track to Elite status with Hertz!

Another benefit of Hertz Gold Plus rewards is that you can exchange Gold Plus Rewards points for airline miles or hotel points with many of Hertz’s travel partners. We don’t typically suggest this redemption option though, because Gold Plus Rewards points are worth quite a bit more than the hotel points or airline miles available in exchange. You are almost always better off using your points with Hertz.

In regard to earning - While renters may use any Discount/CDP/Club Code they like to save money (e.g. corporate, airline, hotel, etc), Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members must choose to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points or hotel reward bonus points or airline reward bonus miles when offered. 

Regardless of your earning choice, you will still receive rental credit toward Hertz Five Star and President’s Circle Elite status. In order to make your earning choice, log into your Gold Plus account on and update your “Membership Details” located in “My Profile” or call 1-800-654-3131.

If Hertz is your preferred car rental company and you rent from Hertz often, we suggest you choose Hertz Gold Plus Rewards as your earning preference and forgo the bonus offers from the hotel or airline partners of Hertz. It is almost always a more lucrative choice!

How much are your Hertz points worth?

We estimate it takes 10 qualifying Hertz rental days to earn 550 points, which is typically enough for a free weekend day in a Compact to Premium size car. The free day only covers the “base rate” of the car and not the surcharges, taxes and fees. Therefore, we estimate the value of this free day at $55.00 and the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points earned for each paid rental day at $5.50 ($55.00 divided by 10 paid rental days). We suggest you use this value to compare whether a hotel and airline bonus offer is more or less lucrative than Gold Plus Rewards points.

Please note, most airline miles and hotel points earned through the rental car companies incur a small daily charge (usually about $0.50 - $1.00 per day), which also reduces the value of the partner program incentives.

The Wrap-Up:

Go ahead and join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. It’s free to join and membership allows you to skip the counter at most locations in addition to other great conveniences!

And we’ll leave you with three Tips to remember:

  1. If you rent from Hertz often, it is typically a more lucrative choice to elect to earn the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points toward free rental days.

  2. If you are more likely to shop around for the best rental car price and your choice of rental car company varies, we suggest you choose one of the hotel or airline bonus offers featured in Browse Perks.

  3. Regardless, sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for the great convenience it offers!

And sign up for complimentary alerts so you never miss an important update on the travel loyalty programs you care about most. And go ahead and click on either Perk or Tip to see all of the Hertz updates in one spot.