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Delta Hotels and Resorts Now Offering Marriott Rewards and 15% Savings!

Expiration Date – September 7, 2015

It was recently announced that Delta Hotels and Resorts is now recognizing the elite status of Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Rewards members and beginning in February of 2016 you will be able to earn and redeem Marriott or Ritz-Carlton Rewards points at Delta Hotels and Resorts too!

To celebrate the news Marriott wants you to enjoy 15% off at Delta Hotels and Resorts until September 7, 2015, with promotion code M11!

Marriott acquired Canada-based Delta’s 44 hotels in early 2015. Delta’s own rewards program is expected to retire on February 29, 2016.

The Wrap-Up:

We suggest you check the other hotels in the Marriott portfolio when heading to Canada since you won’t yet earn or be able to redeem Marriott Rewards points at Delta Hotels and Resorts until February 2016. 

If you can find a rate at a Marriott hotel that is at least 15% less expensive for your stay, we suggest you book it so you'll enjoy Marriott Rewards earning and redemption benefits. For direction on how to efficiently search for the most economical rates and best room packages, see our great Tip on this topicIt’s certainly worth exploring if you are headed to Canada!

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