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Is United Elite Status Worth Its Weight in Silver, Gold or Platinum? When Does It Makes Sense to Buy It?

Expiration Date – February 28, 2016

Several airlines offer ongoing status match challenges and some even offer an option to buy Elite status, although the payment is often combined with some level of required flight activity.

If you are a United MileagePlus member who earned Elite qualifying miles in 2015, but missed out on achieving Silver or a higher level of Elite status, you are likely targeted for this offer (you will need to sign in to find out).

United is providing those targeted members with an opportunity to purchase Elite status without requiring 2016 flight activity. If you decide to purchase, you’ll enjoy that level of Elite status through all of 2016. And some MileagePlus members will also receive an offer to buy Premier qualifying miles (PQMs) to get a jump start on earning toward 2017 status. You’ll have until February 28, 2016, to make your purchase.

Two other very important considerations:

  • With RewardsPlus, the partnership between United and Marriott, Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier and Platinum Premier Elite as well as Ritz-Carlton Rewards Platinum members enjoy complimentary MileagePlus Premier Silver status after registration

If you won’t receive Elite status as a result of RewardsPlus, the rate you’ll pay for MileagePlus Elite status is dependent on how close you were to achieving the Elite status tier you are being offered. 

To secure Silver or the next level up from the Elite tier you achieved with 2015 flight and spending activity, most are being asked to pay over $3,000! And to buy PQMs to get you closer to 2017 Elite status, you’ll likely be asked to pay $700 for 5,000 PQMs and $1,400 for 10,000 PQMs.

The Wrap-Up:

Consider the Elite status you’ve already been awarded for 2016, the RewardsPlus benefit of MileagePlus Silver status if you qualify and the perks you enjoy if you currently have or plan to apply for United credit card.

MileagePlus Silver status normally requires 25,000 PQMs or 30 segments, plus you have to spend $3,000 Premier qualifying dollars (PQDs).

While it seems very expensive to buy Silver status or an alternative Elite status tier for over $3,000, you’d be required to spend $3,000 PQDs with United to achieve Silver, $6,000 for Gold, $9,000 for Platinum and $12,000 for 1k plus a whole lot of flying in 2016.

So while buying MileagePlus Elite status is very expensive, it’s a good consideration if you desire more Elite benefits than you already have and plan fly with United a lot in 2016. Because buying Elite status allows you to fly the friendly skies with added comfort and convenience sooner!

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