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Three Avis 2015 Specials and up to 25% Off for American Express Platinum Card Members!

Expiration Date – December 31, 2016

Save up to 25% off the base rate with Avis and choose between a free rental day, a one-car-group upgrade or $25 off a five-day rental!

And remember your American Express Platinum card provides rental car loss and damage insurance as well as roadside assistance!

When you book online, add American Express Platinum’s Avis Worldwide Discount code (AWD) #A756900,to save up to 25% off the base rate of your qualified global rentals.

Now through December 31, 2016, American Express Platinum card members enjoy one of three specials at participating Avis locations in the US and Canada:

  • ONE FREE WEEKEND DAY (time and mileage only, not tax and other charges) when you rent an Intermediate through a Full-Size Four-Door car for 3 consecutive days or more including a Saturday night; this offer cannot be used with one-way rentals and excludes rentals in New York City - coupon #TUTA035

  • FREE ONE-CAR-GROUP UPGRADE when you rent an Intermediate through a Full-Size Four-Door car with a maximum upgrade to a Premium car for any length rental - coupon #UUGA037

  • RENT FOR 5 DAYS AND TAKE $25 OFF your total when you rent a Compact or larger vehicle, excluding Signature Series cars, for 5 consecutive days or more including a Saturday night - coupon #MUGA045

The Wrap-Up:

We encourage you to sign up for Avis Preferred in order to skip the rental counter at many locations and to enjoy savings and other conveniences. And it’s free to join.

For some insight on the new Avis Preferred program, see our great Tip on the topic

You have the choice to participate in special partner offers or to earn points in the Avis Preferred program. If you are loyal to and rent from Avis often you are generally better off participating in the Avis Preferred loyalty program but if you shop around for rental cars based on price vs. loyalty, we recommend you choose one of the special American Express Platinum options.

The Wrap-Up:

Get the most out of your rental with Avis’s great American Express Platinum offers today. Among the Platinum American Express options the ONE FREE WEEKEND DAY and FREE ONE-CAR-GROUP UPGRADE are especially lucrative if you qualify!

Sign-up for complimentary alerts so you never miss an important update on the travel loyalty programs you care about most. And go ahead and click on either Perk or Tip to see all of the Avis updates in one spot!