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How You Earn Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles When Flying American is Changing August 1, 2016! Will You Earn More or Less?

Expiration Date – September 30, 2016

By: Liza Weeks

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One of the many great perks of membership with Alaska Airlines’s Mileage Plan program is the option to earn miles when flying with one of Alaska’s many partner airlines

However, the industry is rapidly changing their mileage-earning basis from distance flown to how much you pay for your ticket. 

While Alaska has stated they will not be following this trend with their Mileage Plan Program, they are making adjustments to be more consistent with their partner American Airlines, who has made the switch.

Beginning August 1, 2016, Mileage Plan miles accrued by flying with American will be calculated by both distance and the fare class flown. Distance will still be the basis, but discounted economy tickets will earn miles at a lower rate than they used to.

The lowest-fare Economy tickets will earn only 25% of the miles flown while some First Class fares will earn up to 200% of the miles flown! 

Check out the full chart below:


As far as codeshare goes, this new rate will apply to flights marketed by American but operated by Alaska. Flights marketed by Alaska but operated by American will still be based only on distance flown. And this new earnings system goes into effect August 1, 2016, regardless of when the ticket was purchased.

The Wrap-Up:

Though this means earning less Mileage Plan miles for those flying with American Airlines on  some Economy fares, most Business and First class fares will see more miles than before!

And this is only when flying with American Airlines. As of now, the Mileage Plan has not changed when flying with Alaska Ailrines or any other of Alaska's partner airlines.

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