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Alaska's Fee-Free Change and Cancel Tips

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Learn the BIG Secret to Avoid Change and Cancel Fees When Flying With Alaska Airlines!

April 2017

Good for Alaska Airlines! It’s not very well known that Alaska Airlines has no change or cancel fees when you are more than 60 days from the date of travel!

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Many people book non-refundable fares to save money. But, if you’ve ever had to change or cancel a flight you know that fees have become outrageous, in most cases several hundred dollars for domestic travel! And, in some cases, the fees are more than double that amount to change or cancel an international flight!

Alaska has stepped up to the plate and eliminated the change and cancel fee on both paid and award travel if you make the change more than 60 days before your flight (of course, you could still be subject to a fare difference for changes). This allows travelers to book earlier, which often results in greater savings and allows flexibility if plans change more than 60 days before travel!

A $125 charge is still applied when changing or cancelling a paid or award ticket within 60 days of travel unless you have Elite status with Alaska. For Mileage Plan MVP Gold or 75K, the change and cancel fees are always waived…Loyalty pays! 

For those traveling on the same paid reservation as an MVP Gold or Gold 75 member the change fee will apply for the non-Elite flyer, but if an MVP Gold or Gold 75 member books award travel using their miles for a non-Elite flyer, the change and cancellation fees will be waived and the miles will be redeposited back into the Elite member's account!

In case you are interested, here is a comprehensive list of Alaska Airlines fees.

You also have some limited flexibility for domestic travel in the United States on all US-based carriers and those international carriers operating in the US. The US Department of Transportation requires that as long as you’ve secured a non-refundable ticket at least seven days before your flight, you can change or cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking without a change or cancel fee. A fare difference could apply for changes.

AND here is another great Alaska Tip! No need to cancel and rebook if your ticket becomes less expensive - Alaska has you covered! See our great Tip on Alaska’s Price Guarantee! Just another reason to love Alaska Airlines!

The Wrap-Up:

Alaska provides some welcome peace of mind with their customer-focused flexibility! If this lowers your stress and saves you some money, post a nice note about it on Facebook and Twitter!

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