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Maximize Marriott Rewards and United MileagePlus Benefits With RewardsPlus!

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Marriott Rewards and United MileagePlus have teamed up to offer their RewardsPlus program to Elite members!

This one is a bit complex, but it is worth the read … trust us! We think this is one of the top travel Loyalty crossover promotions - and currently it does not have an expiration date. So, let’s get started…

First of all, like most crossover promotions, the benefits on this one go both ways. Whether you’re an Elite Marriott member or an Elite United flyer, you’ll find great reciprocal benefits. This is a promotion you must register for first.

Let’s Start With Marriott Rewards Elite Members:

Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier, Platinum Premier Elite and RitzCarlton Rewards Platinum members will receive complimentary MileagePlus Premier Silver status after registration! (Marriott Rewards members who have temporary Platinum or Platinum Elite status due to the Marriott Rewards Taste of Elite program are not eligible for RewardsPlus complimentary status.)

Here are some of the benefits of MileagePlus Premier Silver status (based on availability):

  • Complimentary access to Economy Plus seating at check-in
  • Complimentary Premier Upgrades
  • Premier Access priority airport services
  • One complimentary standard checked bag (up to 50 lbs.)
  • 25% Premier bonus award miles on United flightsAnd now for United MileagePlus Elite members: 
And Now for United Mileage Plus Elite Members:

United MileagePlus members who are Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, Premier 1K or Global Services will receive Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status after registration! (MileagePlus members who have received Elite status through the MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge program are not eligible for RewardsPlus complimentary status.)

Here are some of the benefits of Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status (based on availability):

  • Lounge access/complimentary continental breakfast
  • Free internet
  • Guaranteed room type
  • Priority late checkout
  • 25% bonus Marriott Rewards points

And for Both United MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards Members:

Here are some other aspects you should be aware of. Hint: If you want to maximize your rewards, #2 is your best bet...

1. MileagePlus Premier Members can convert their MileagePlus miles into Marriott Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio up to 50,000 miles per year.

We don’t suggest this conversion!

Why? We value MileagePlus miles at 1.5 cents per mile and Marriott Rewards points at less than 50% of that (or about .7 cents per point). Therefore a 1:1 transfer of MileagePlus miles to Marriott Reward points is a poor conversion value.

2. You can receive extra value on Travel PackagesYou are entitled to receive up to 12,000 extra MileagePlus miles when you redeem your points for a Marriott Rewards Travel Package. 

This can be a great value particularly when you consider that RewardsPlus members receive an additional 10% bonus (up to 12,000 miles) when booking a Travel Package using Marriott and United Airlines.

Here’s a helpful example: If you book 7 nights at a category 7 hotel you will use 210,000 Marriott Rewards points. Marriott always gives you the 5th night free for award night redemptions so for a 7-night stay you’d normally pay 35,000 points x 6 nights (or 210,000 points total). 

A Marriott Travel Package costs 260,000 Marriott Rewards points for a 7 night stay in a category 7 hotel AND you receive 55,000 MileagePlus miles. So it’s like trading 50,000 Marriott Rewards points for 55,000 MileagePlus miles. 

Remember that 1 Marriott Rewards point is generally worth about .7 cents per point and 1 MileagePlus mile about 1.5 cents per mile so you are trading about $350 worth of Marriott Rewards points for $825 in MileagePlus miles value!! That is a great conversion value!

3. You can convert Marriott Rewards points to MileagePlus miles and save 20%: At the lower transfer levels you are giving away quite a bit of Marriott Rewards value by converting to MileagePlus miles and even at the highest conversion level (112,000 Marriott Rewards points for 50,000 MileagePlus miles) it isn’t a strong conversion value!

Why? If you transfer 8,000 Marriott Rewards points worth about $56 (we value Marriott Rewards points at .7 cents per point) you receive 2,000 MileagePlus miles worth about $30 (we value MileagePlus miles at 1.5 cents per mile). This is not a good conversion value! And even if you transfer the maximum of 112,000 Marriott Rewards points worth about $784, you’d only receive 50,000 MileagePlus miles only worth about $750.

You must register first to participate and the status is valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which the status is granted. Members must meet the criteria each year to be eligible for complimentary status and once registered will not have to register again. As we mentioned, no expiration date has been announced for the RewardsPlus program. We encourage you to review the terms and conditions and register today (if you haven’t already)!

The Wrap-Up:

RewardsPlus has fantastic benefits that span across the United MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards programs, so sign-up today!

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